Because no matter how sustainable we try to be, we're still a business in production, and we know we're leaving a footprint behind us.

Candle Collection

Our candles are handmade in California, with only organic soy wax. Why not Bee's wax? We couldn't find an American wholesaler that was also sustainable, plus this makes it accessible to all our vegan friends. Our scents are naturally derived from 100% natural plant based ingredients. Again all coming from US based retailers, of whom have sustainability practices in place.


Everything is shipped direct from our San Francisco Studio, local pickup is also available if you're in the Bay Area!

We try to package with as close to 100% recyclable materials as possible, our packing peanuts are Biodegradable and boxes and mailers recyclable. Additionally all materials used are purchased from US based retailers, minimizing our footprint and supporting small businesses like ours.