100% Soy Wax, handmade in our San Francisco studio. Cotton wicks and recyclable boxes from Uline.


We will have some info on the brands we choose to stock however, this won’t be in detail, for information on where they source, make or brand please go to their websites or instagrams, which are always hyperlinked!

Studio Luu Branded:

We don’t make the rest of our smaller homewares and rugs in house, at the price point we want them and to the production rate it simply isn’t doable. The founder used to live in Thailand and still has family there, because of this she was able to have a hands on role and see the quality and working conditions. It’s a small family business (6 people in total) who make all of our branded homewares. They’re located on the island of Koh Samui and are paid weekly, $500 USD, weird that we’re telling you this right? But it doesn’t affect us, being transparent about how and where we source our products is something we’re really proud of. Yes not every single product on our site is made in the USA but every single item is made ethically, and we know each person by name making them.


All our packaging comes from American based businesses, our stickers and mailers are from Sticker Mule, our Boxes from Uline and our packing peanuts are biodegradable! 


Comins soon, and 100% made in the USA baby.