A how to; on caring for yourself and your new Studio Luu products


  • Try not to burn for more than 30 minute increments to retain the shape.
  • Trim the wick before or after a burn to prevent tunnelling and to help keep the shape for as long as possible.

Mats, Tapestries or Rugs;

  • Machine washable on cold, do not tumble dry, lay out to help prevent creasing etc.
  • First wash put it in by itself and then each after with other like colors to prevent colors running.

Found Collection;

  • All of our found collection are one off pieces, because of this each will come with individual flaws. Don't wash in the dishwasher, and they should be more than fine.

Vases and other hard home goods;

  • Run water through your vases to get rid of any packaging dust.
  • Hand wash only, don't put 'em in the dishwasher please.
  • Looks best with flowers from your local farmers market.

Self Care Instructions;

  • Drink Water.
  • Recognise toxic behaviors.
  • Floss, stop lying to your dentist.
  • Tell your friends you love them.
  • Let go of old grudges.
  • Stop apologising, start taking up space.
  • Stand up for friends, stand up for strangers.